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Havoc Nation is your go-to partner for being in the outdoors! Whether it is duck hunting, fishing, or any outdoor adventure, we have you covered! Our gear and the Havoc nation go where you go! Join us and become a part of the Havoc Nation!

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Havoc Nation is your one-stop destination for hunting, fishing, and boating outdoorsmen and women. Beyond providing top-quality boats and gear, we foster a vibrant community where you can swap stories, discover tips, and stay updated on the latest trends. Follow the Havoc Nation Blog to experience camaraderie, tips, entertainment, and much more!

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Wreakin' Havoc | S2E8

Wreakin' Havoc | S2E8

With the season on the line and only two more weekends left. Who will finish strong at Pineville and claim the lead heading into the finish of the 2023 Tiller handle race season?
Wreakin' Havoc | S2E7

Wreakin' Havoc | S2E7

The Wreakin' havoc crew returns to racing this weekend at Lake Buhlow in Pineville Louisiana... Pine Vegas as we call it. With the racing season in full swing and on the downward finish, this weeke...
Wreakin' Havoc | S2E6

Wreakin' Havoc | S2E6

With the 2023 race season nearly halfway through both the Yamaha and Mercury teams have fought through immense adversity including fires, wrecks and other issues along the way. With the second half...

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My friends have Havoc boats and I am impressed with how well they are built!

Tommy Batson